Notice: AMX/Harman Distributors and resellers who purchased TPControl licenses direct from Harman previously and have been directed here, please reach out to our sales team via email at to discuss setting up an account to purchase Touch Panel Control licenses direct from us. Alternatively, you can create a TPControl account here and add your valid AMX/Harman dealer ID to be able to purchase directly from our website immediately.

 ProAV Made Personal

We make software products to empower our customers to enable their customers to present, collaborate and control their technology in the ways that best suits them.

10+ yrs

We’ve been in business for over 10 years

71,000 +

Number of TPControl software licenses sold globally


Number of users that actively use our cloud based license management platform - TPCloud

Our Products


Transform your mobile device into an AMX touch panel

Choose the control hardware that best suits your application with the ability to turn a mobile device into a fully functional AMX touch panel. Ideal for AV environments that need AMX control with wireless capabilities or custom screen sizes.

Supports iOS, Android or Windows 8/10

Most Flexible

Enable AMX control for multiple users using their personal devices

BYOD is a single license that allows multiple users to access an AMX Touch Panel interface from their phone or tablet and take control of their technology and environment. Ideal for public spaces where a dedicated touch panel would not be suitable.

Supports iOS, Android and Windows 8/10

Presentation management tools for in-room and remote audiences

TPI-PRO enables all of your video content, presentation control and environmental control to come together on one central dashboard with live graphics and intuitive interfaces. Ideal for presentation environments where the workflow is fast paced and fluid.

Supports Windows 8/10

Our Values

Be Customer Obsessed

When we meet with customers, we show up with forethought and a focus to understand business challenges, not just technical problems.

Smarter, Not Harder

We look for innovation. That means our customers can reduce the grunt work and focus on more important things.

Creative Process

Lightbulb moments don’t happen. They just don’t! Good ideas are a process of prototyping, refining and validating.

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