What does Touch Panel Control (TPC) do?

TPC is a provider of applications (TPControl) that allows the transfer of AMX TP4 & TP5 design files to supported devices to emulate the behavior of AMX G4/G5 Touch Panels. This gives the user the ability to turn a supported smart device (IOS, Android) or PC into an AMX panel for use with AMX control systems.

What devices and platforms are supported by TPControl?

TPControl is supported on IOS, Android and Windows 8/10 devices. 

IOS: While TPControl will run on almost all IOS devices, the minimum IOS hardware devices we recommend using are at least 3rd Generation Iphone/Ipod touch, and 2nd generation Ipad devices.

Android Tablet/Phone: Minimum Android OS 4 (KitKat) is supported, however we recommend at least OS8 (Oreo) and up be used for best performance. 

Windows: Only Windows 8/10 OS devices are supported. No other versions of windows are supported. If you have a windows 8/10 device that does not support the Microsoft store, please contact our support team for a sideloadable copy of TPControl.

How many devices can a token/license be registered to?

A token/license is limited to use on one device only (Apple, Android, or Windows 8/10/Windows RT) at a time and is associated with the device itself. If you require multiple devices to connect to a single AMX system, please check out our BYOD offering.

What is BYOD?

BYOD or Bring-your-own-device is a TPControl license that is registered to your AMX master rather than the device. BYOD Licenses provide the ability to connect any number of TPControl compatible devices to a BYOD Licensed AMX system, whether those devices are licensed or not.

What if I want to upgrade my device, can I move my token/license to a new device?

Yes you can. If you manage the token yourself, you can move the token using the deauthorize by pin option in TPCloud. Please see our Knowledge base article “TPControl - Deauthorization methods” for further instruction. If the token is managed by the installer/integrator, please contact them for assistance. If you do not have contact with the installer/integrator and are unsure of who manages your token/license, please contact us at support@touchpanelcontrol.com for further assistance.

What if a user’s device is lost or stolen, or the TPControl application is wiped from the device?

In the case a user loses their device or no longer can access their device, a deauthorization request will need to be manually done. This can be done via the TPCloud website using the 'Deauthorize by Request' option, or by contacting our support team for further assistance.

**We strongly recommend keeping records of your Token ID, TP4 file and profile settings should you ever find yourself in such a situation. TPCloud is best for managing this as it is stored in the cloud and is associated with the token so moving to a new device will be a quick and simple process.**

How do I transfer my TP4/5 file to my device?

This can be done in two ways, using TPCloud or TPTransfer. Transferring from TPdesign4/5 or Netlinx studio is not supported as the file needs to be converted to a TPControl file. We recommend using TPCloud as this is the best way to manage and transfer files. TPTransfer should only be used if there is no internet connection available. Please see the TPCloud and TPTransfer guide relevant to your device which can be found under documentation in our Resources section.

What is the relationship between AMX and Touch Panel Control Ltd?

Touch Panel Control develops TPControl as an AMX Authorized Product Partner (APP). 

APP status permits TPC to utilize patented AMX technology, providing the only Apple, Android and Windows 8/10 applications compatible with AMX control systems.

What is AMX APP (Authorized Product Partner)?

licensing framework designed to permit the limited, legal use of AMX intellectual property by third parties to build and market non-AMX branded products and/or govern joint selling of solutions. In the case of TPControl, the APP program agreement also ensures the product that both the end-user and dealer are using has been tested to AMX Quality Assurance standards, if not by AMX themselves. Furthermore, support for most, if not all, features of AMX’s Patented ICSP command set are implemented. Our APP program agreement also provides deep integration with patented AMX technology to work with current firmware, and is maintained as new firmware and features are made available. This includes, but is not limited to, built-in encryption technologies that can lock-out non-approved applications. Connectivity of the product with current and future AMX control systems is ensured with frequent releases based upon a commitment to continuous product improvement.

Answer not here? 

Check out our Knowledge Base for more information

What do I do if I require support for TPControl, TPTransfer or TPCloud?

If you are experiencing product issues or have a question for us you can’t find in this FAQ or in our knowledge base, please reach out to us through the below channels and we will be happy to assist with issues you are experiencing or questions you have.


Email - support@touchpanelcontrol.com 

Phone - +61 734 830 589 

Operating hours 8:30am to 5pm AEST

For our registered users: Raise a request though our Support Helpdesk

What are the differences between TPControl and TPC-TPI-PRO?

While both TPControl and TPC-TPI-PRO support the majority of the same G4/G5 API, TPC-TPI-PRO has added API functionality and is purpose built for presentation style applications. There are also features removed from TPC-TPI-PRO that TPControl support which are not relevant to TPC-TPI-PRO (eg. SIP)

Are there any specific TPC-TPI-PRO API commands, and does TPC-TPI-PRO support TPControl commands?

Yes, these can be found in our TPC-TPI-PRO programmers guide.

How do I ingest video streams into TPC-TPI-PRO?

You can ingest video from USB and HDMI-to-USB capture devices. Simply connect your source devices to your PC via USB or with a HDMI-to-USB capture interface and embed the video content into your button in your TPDesign file. For further information please see the TPC-TPI-PRO Programmers guide.

Can we scale the HDMI output of TPC-TPI-PRO from the PC?

The TPI-PRO application will scale ingested video sources to 720p. If further scaling options are required, the TPI-PRO video output will need to be managed through a Matrix/presentation switcher, or dedicated scaling solution.

How does TPC-TPI-PRO define which capture card is the "window"?

When connecting your USB capture devices, Windows will assign the capture device number. To check which capture device is set to which device, go to TPI-PRO settings>video capture devices to view the assignment of each capture device in TPI-PRO.

Is TPC-TPI-PRO authorised on the one PC?

Yes. A TPI-PRO license can only be activated and registered  to one PC at a time. Should you require your license to be moved to a new device. This can be self-managed through our TPCloud service, or by contacting our support team who will be happy to assist you with moving the license to a new device.

What platforms/devices support TPC-TPI-PRO?

TPI-PRO is supported on Windows 10/11 devices and is a Microsoft Store application. A Microsoft Store account will be required to download and install TPI-PRO.

Are both TPDesign4 and TPDesign5 supported by TPI-PRO?

Yes. Use the TPControl windows device type when creating your design.

Is it the CPU or GPU that is more important?

The GPU handles the majority of video processing.

Is HDCP supported?

No. HDCP is not supported by TPI-PRO.

How are updates to the application handled?

Updates will be pushed out through the Microsoft store. You can control auto application updates through the Microsoft store settings options for application updates.

What is the output resolution of the TPC-TPI-PRO?

TPI-PRO can support resolutions up to 2160x3840 @30fps. Please see the TPI-PRO datasheet for further information on supported resolutions.