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Supports Windows 8.1/10

Bring all of your video content, presentation control and environmental control together on one central dashboard with live graphics, video windowing and intuitive interfaces. Immerse your in-room and remote audiences with professional content tools that suit your content and your message.

One dashboard with
presentation control
at your fingertips

Managing your video content shouldn’t be hard. TPI-PRO enables all of your video content, presentation control and environmental control to come together on one central dashboard.

Present your content like a boss

Easily control and customise your presentations or lectures with built-in control of your video and audio sources. Live video thumbnails and the ability to queue sources ensure you don’t skip a beat while presenting.

Tools for your content

Use annotation and other tools to drive home key messages to your audience both in the room and remotely via UC or video conference.

Complex systems made easy

TPI-PRO is ideal for dynamic environments where the workflow is fast paced or fluid. Quickly and intuitively manage video content without the need for technical training.

How Does TPI-PRO Work?

Introducing TPI-PRO
View, Queue and Control your Content

TPI-PRO demo @ ISE 2020
Check out how TPI-PRO works in a lecture theatre application

TPI-PRO application solutions

Legal Solutions

Courtrooms are technically complex environments that need to cater for a range of methods to present and convey evidence to the court participants. TPI-PRO has been designed to enable digital evidence to be managed more efficiently, allowing the participants to focus on the trial rather than the technology.

University Solutions

Lectures are about imparting information to a large audience through an array of audio, video and other media sources. Whilst these are important components to a successful lecture, they are only tools and require a human to weave them together to truly enable learning. TPI-PRO simply combines all of these tools together into one intuitive dashboard to enable the lecturer to focus less on technology and more on teaching.

Medical Solutions

Operating theatres are environments where circumstances can change in a heartbeat (literally). As doctors, nurses and theatre technicians need to change tactics quickly, TPI-PRO has been designed to allow medical professionals to access and view information intuitively. It is also designed to operate on medical pendant monitors ensuring easy integration with the complexities of medical instruments and operating theatre systems.

NOC Solutions

Network Operation Centers (NOCs)are designed to monitor and manage systems such as power grids, security networks and other critical services. Being able to access an array of information is vital to the decision-making process. TPI-PRO enables a non-technical user to intuitively operate a NOC video wall to ensure they can dynamically access and distribute video feeds to specific displays to ensure the necessary information feeds are available to the right people as situations unfold.


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Need extra UI file slots?

TPControl for Apple and Windows provide 2 UI file slots as standard. However, if you would like to unlock the ability to load 3 or more UI files on a single device, you will need to purchase extra UI file slots.

*iOS and Windows support only

Buy UI file slot


What are the differences between TPControl and TPC-TPI-PRO?

While both TPControl and TPC-TPI-PRO support the majority of the same G4/G5 API, TPC-TPI-PRO has added API functionality and is purpose built for presentation style applications. There are also features removed from TPC-TPI-PRO that TPControl support which are not relevant to TPC-TPI-PRO (eg. SIP)

Are there any specific TPC-TPI-PRO API commands, and does TPC-TPI-PRO support TPControl commands?

Yes, these can be found in our TPC-TPI-PRO programmers guide.

How do I ingest video streams into TPC-TPI-PRO?

You can ingest video from USB and HDMI-to-USB capture devices. Simply connect your source devices to your PC via USB or with a HDMI-to-USB capture interface and embed the video content into your button in your TPDesign file. For further information please see the TPC-TPI-PRO Programmers guide.

Can we scale the HDMI output of TPC-TPI-PRO from the PC?

The TPI-PRO application will scale ingested video sources to 720p. If further scaling options are required, the TPI-PRO video output will need to be managed through a Matrix/presentation switcher, or dedicated scaling solution.

How does TPC-TPI-PRO define which capture card is the "window"?

When connecting your USB capture devices, Windows will assign the capture device number. To check which capture device is set to which device, go to TPI-PRO settings>video capture devices to view the assignment of each capture device in TPI-PRO.

Is TPC-TPI-PRO authorised on the one PC?

Yes. A TPI-PRO license can only be activated and registered  to one PC at a time. Should you require your license to be moved to a new device. This can be self-managed through our TPCloud service, or by contacting our support team who will be happy to assist you with moving the license to a new device.

What platforms/devices support TPC-TPI-PRO?

TPI-PRO is supported on Windows 10 devices and is a Microsoft Store application. A Microsoft Store account will be required to download and install TPI-PRO.

Are both TPDesign4 and TPDesign5 supported by TPI-PRO?

Yes. Use the TPControl windows device type when creating your design.

Is it the CPU or GPU that is more important?

The GPU handles the majority of video processing.

Is HDCP supported?

No. HDCP is not supported by TPI-PRO.

How are updates to the application handled?

Updates will be pushed out through the Microsoft store. You can control auto application updates through the Microsoft store settings options for application updates.

What is the output resolution of the TPC-TPI-PRO?

TPI-PRO can support resolutions up to 2160×3840 @30fps. Please see the TPI-PRO datasheet for further information on supported resolutions.

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