QR Code Generator

Option A

Quick setup

To quickly create a QR code for system connection fill out the form below and press “Generate QR code”

Option B

Manual setup

To manually create your own QR code enter the command string below. All strings need to be ended with – ApplyProfile;


For further details on configuring QR codes for use with TPControl, please see the device settings guide below

QR codes device setting guide
1. Launch app

Launch TPControl app, click the “Connect using profile” icon to begin.

If you can’t view “Connect using profile” section, please use 2-fingers to swipe from left-to-right gesture to present it.

2. Scan QR code

Within the camera preview window, align the QRCode you want to scan.

You could also use the front facing camera to scan QR code, the Swap Camera icon will toggle between any available device cameras, if applicable.

If the QR code is encoded with a valid TPControl API command or URI, it will be parsed accordingly. The result of scanning the QR code above is:


And this command translates to:

Configure TPControl “Profile 1” to connect to the AMX system at IP address “”, using AMX Device ID “11001”. Name this profile “Boardroom”, and set the screen resize option to “Scale to fit”. Apply this profile, to invoke these settings immediately.

For more information on TPControl API commands, refer to the TPControl – API Commands document, this file is also available for download from our website Resources section.


3. Review after scan

Turn on the “Review after scan” toggle button.
TPControl will present the scanned result for review after successfully scanning a QR code.

Click ‘CONTINUE’ button, TPControl will parse the scanned result. Otherwise, click ‘CANCEL’ will return to the QR Code Scan window as in step 2 above.